Power Outage updated

For those who don’t know, between 12.15pm to 12.45pm yesterday, there was a power outage. The outage occured because one of the switches tripped at the Kapar power station, but the power was restored between 1.30pm – 4.15pm yesterday, though as off press time at about 4pm, there were still areas that had not received power. However, the response and turn-around time was still far quicker than the last nationwide blackout in 1996, when the power was out for a whole day. That time, it took about one day to restore power.

The good news is that most of the essential services (read: Hospitals) were not affected. Apparently the only services in Hospitals that were affected, were mostly manual services such as blood tests and consultation. However, from what I heard (over the news no less) there were contingencies for this, so that should not be a problem.

Telco services were down, and contrary to what most said, the power knocked out communications. I received my messagesonly AFTER power was restored to my place, though to the curiousity of my relatives, the shops near my place were still out of power about 15 minutes after we received ours. Weird.

That ends this (mostly) factual report. See ya!

About time!- Muse