Review… Again! :)

This is the review for a really great book for writers, and even readers who are interesting in dabbling in writing. If you’re like me and have no idea/clue whatsoever on how to make sure your character is consistent, get this. It is:

The Writer’s Guide to Character Traits
Edelstein, Linda N. Ph.D
Writer’s Digest Books
Cincinati, Ohio
ISBN: 158297246X

It’s a good writer’s guide to painting their characters as it’s based on a psychologist’s experience and education on people. Not only does it comes with profiles of human behaviour and personality types (as mentioned on the book cover), but it also lists psychological disorders in children, adolescents and adults. Case studies and examples of everything is also given, and it’s an easy read (except perhaps for younger teens, they may need a dictionary). The best part is, it doesn’t lie. They talk about the bad and the good, from the mild to the extreme.

You have not only just what the disorder is, but what happens when it goes to the extreme, and when behaviour turns pathological. That said, I found most of the information good and it’ll probably help me in fleshing out my charries (may just buy it after all). At about RM63.90 it ain’t cheap, but seriously, this is ONE book I’d recommend. Hey, how many character books are so up-to-date that they’ll tell you about internet computer crimes types?

The characters traits are interchangeble, and coming from the Writer’s Digest (which is a pretty good resource IMHO) you can use them in any genre. So get it! I know I probably will! 🙂