My BF is probably going to scream at me for not giving him warning, but I saw my ex the other day. And he hasn’t changed. Well, minus the fact that he’s taller than I remembered. And the girl with him was pretty cute. I think she deserves better, but that’s assuming that they were together in the first place, which I think may be a false assumption.

Seeing him brought back some weird memories, but the question most uppermost in my mind was WHAT WAS I THINKING? WHAT DID I SEE IN HIM? Seriously, when I think about, it seemed that I was probably like any other teenager at that age; I fell for any guy who saw me first as a girl and then as a friend. Okay, so I admit, I’d rather be friends first rather than anything else, but we’re allowed a few laspes now and then, aren’t we?

So yeah, that was what happened two days ago.

Oh and dearest?

I’m glad we’re still together. 🙂