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I was messaging with an acquaintance when an interesting question came up. If I could put implants in my body, what would they be and why?

That got me to thinking. Implants, in this case, do not refer to the ones we normally associate with beauty (i.e. silicone). Rather, we were both thinking of futuristic implants.

My demands in the end, were pretty simple.

Perhaps something to regulate my metabolism, so that I can eat what I want… and maybe put in an advanced digestive system. What I was really thinking of was a metabolic system that helped me burn more calories even though I lead a sedentary lifestyle…

The other was more fantastical. This was more because I was thinking of my stories… Again.

Poison in my nails manufactured by my own body. Therefore, I also had to change my blood, but what I really wanted was the ability to create specific types of poisons within my body. This was self-defense of course, but it was also remiscent of the abilities of the Poison Mistresses in my story.

Scary, no? :p

This is what happens when you watch too much Recca.

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  1. Hmm…there IS one flaw here.

    Self-made toxins delivered through nail injectors/claws. There is a problem there. You have no aids to stealth, nor anything to accelerate your reflexes/movement and speed.
    A BIG disadvantage when using a hand-to-hand combat weapon. A VERY BIG disadvantage, which training can only go so far to rectify.

    And..oh, in reply- internal armour will not add on too heavily to body weight. A few layers of tightly woven cloth, made of spider-silk would’nt even weigh .25 of a kilo, yet be as strong as steel, if not stronger.
    Apply it sub-dermally to your body (from chest to hips) as a single wrap layer to protect vital organs.

    Your poison implants would benefit greatly with just one layer of sub-dermal armour, especially when the hot lead starts flying your way.

    Yeps…too much Recca. Or Shadowrun. Or both.

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