Story concept

Please note that my muses have been pushing me to record these thoughts somewhere, and I might as well record them here to get them off my back.

TBD are very dangerous and called in only for special occasions. They are notoriously either blond, brunette, or simply beautiful, but it does not change the fact that they are deadly. The list of suspected TBDs include Naoko Kensaku and her sister, Sukina Toriyama, hence the suspicion that the “B” in the title stands for beautiful. Naoko is a brunette leaning towards auburn, while Sukina is the personification of the classy blonde. Neither is to be trifled with.

Among mercenaries, those who have been called such by their colleagues usually consider them a compliment, though the people who call them that don’t live long. However, it is considered bad manners to call them that behind their backs, because it advertises their skills and there are many who would prefer to keep it a secret.

TBDs are *not* to be messed with, especially those on the suspected list. For more information, please contact your recruitment officer.

Mercenaries Guidebook; Idiots only.