Tea VS Coffee

Now, most of my friends know me as a coffee drinker. I love coffee, especially the boost it gives to your adrealine. However, very few people realise that I also love tea, and the latter even more so than coffee.

Why, you ask?

Well, mainly because with tea, you don’t need to add any flavouring to it. I mean, with tea, you can literally just steep it and drink straight from the pot (though I wouldn’t encourage it- you might burn your tongue) but you can’t really do that with coffee. I like to take my coffee with milk and sugar, which is why I’m not that big a fan of black coffee. However, I do love cappucino and the like (which is why I don’t like going to Coffee Bean so much- it drains my wallet) but I really like the tea you can make on your own.

Will most likely be going to Cameron’s for the weekend. So, if anyone wants anything, let me know. And would like *money* for it by Friday.

Good day! *Bows and drinks tea*

1 thought on “Tea VS Coffee”

  1. Skheeearaak, ehyoip thwree fhuu hreeeik! Bhweesshiek gree yreeaik?

    Khree ysshk heeeeaaaaii- khreeef shraaak groooik shrrpp! “Tea” shriiik, “human drink” shkrrrff hwraaaikkk..

    “Alcohol”..”Booze”..shkrrreaaak “Human”.

    Have a nice trip in the Camerons!

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