Closing of a chapter

I used to wonder and think that parting lovers that parted as friends were the luckiest people of all. I now know differently, and it sucks to know something like that. My own relationship just fell apart, not due to another person, but because it was stagnating. The girl involved did nothing but to bring up uncomfortable questions that couples have to face at on point or other, and it forced me to grow up.

I don’t know whether he was trying to absolve his own guilt or anything, but he was espcially nice to me, and it reminded me of the old days again. That time of innocence and love. To see it and now… I wish tonight was my last day on earth, but I can’t do that. Too many people would be devastated if I died, and kiling myself over something like this is beyond stupid.

I sill love him, and I’ll always do, I suppose. That won’t change. I wish the hurt would go away though!

But that’s that. At least I know I’m still alive, still human.

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