I was quite amused and at the same time, embarrassed by the antics of the so-called “Elected Representatives” in relation to the news report by the NST recently. Coming from a mass communications background and studying to be a journalist, I honestly agree that what the NST has done is fair comment. In fact, I would say that it is overdue fair comment.

It is a sad truth that our MPs are irrelevant. Discussing clothes in Parliament, when they should be talking about the issues facing us today? Not to mention their (and I do believe that they are responsible) belief that most social ills in the country can be blamed on the teenagers. That’s something I would like to change.

As a young adult who hits her majority this year, along with everyone else born in 1984, I would like to inherit a country with less imbeciles running it. Unfortunately, it seems like a pipe dream.

BTW, could someone *please* kick Toyol out of office? He’s done more to damage Selangor more than any other, and I think the only reason why we’re still here is despite him and not because of him.