Someone needs to explain to me just what is going on. One minute I’m on top of the world, the next, there’s a heaviness in me that makes me want to scream.

I don’t know what’s going on. I’m not even going to try and pretend that I have the faintest inkling. What I will admit is that I don’t know. And for the One this is directed to, You know this is serious. What *exactly* is it that You want me to do? What do You want me to carry out?

Is this a revelation? Is this the path You want me to take? I’m going to come straight out and ask then “WHERE IS THIS TAKING ME?”

Honestly, half the time I don’t even know You. You string me along, and I like the ride. But (there’s always a BUT, and we BOTH know that) I want to know where I’m going and why. I’m sorry if I seem so demanding today, but for a more open relationship (well, You did hit me over the head with that Warren piece You know) THIS is the only way I know how.

Bitterness is a fruit I can’t let go.

1 thought on “Seriously…”

  1. Firstly : calm down a bit.

    Secondly : Sounds like a case of depression. 🙁 I can’t say for certain, I’m not a doctor, but I’ve been through the confusion.

    If you need any help we’re all here…

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