My uncle is dork.

I don’t care if that sounds bad, but I think he is. He’s telling one of my other uncles to move out, supposedly so that he can use my grandmother’s house for functions. My question is: WHAT FUNCTIONS?

My grandmother’s response to that above statement was my second thought. He wants the house for himself. Rent-free and roomy. While I don’t disagree with that, pushing my other uncle to move out isn’t just rude and disrespectful, it’s downright shameful. You want the house? ASK FOR IT. And you know that when you go about in a roundabout way, you know what you’re doing is wrong.

I love my uncle’s family. The one that’s staying over in my granma’s house. Sure, they aren’t perfect, but how many men would have agreed to staying over in their mother-in-law’s house so that their wife can take care of her parents? Who makes an effort to ask after his in-laws? Who takes notes of their needs?

Aside from that, if they wanted to have a function, why not just ask my grandmother then? Why not request the house when it’s needed? Are you ashamed? Or do you just want a place to show off? My cousin sister I love, but her parents can be a bit of a dolt at times.

Then there’s this semi-feud going about in the family. I know of one, between my mom and my aunt. That goes way back, and honestly, I wonder if it’s even worth it. I love my cousins, and I don’t really care about their parents; they’re family.

This thing that’s going on with my uncle, it’s a silly matter. I don’t want to understand it, simply because it’s not something to be understood. Basically it involves money and power. Just not too political.

The gloves will come off when my grandmother passes away. Just you wait and see.

Not that anyone’ll notice besides me. Who listens to the big mouth?

Families… I won’t even try to understand them.