Something odd

Okay, some of you know that I’ve broken up with Nick and some don’t. If you didn’t, well now you know.

Now, according to some friends, in the past 2 months since then I’ve changed. A lot.

One friend even says that compared to last year, I’ve changed a lot. And I have to agree with her. I’m trying out skins.

Some skins fit, some don’t. In this case, the skin’s I’m talking about deal with my sensuality and sexuality. Those who know me, know that I’m not a fan of yaoi pairings. Mainly because the sensuality and sexuality involved were of levels that scared me.

And yet here am I, several months later, flirting online and enjoying it. When I wouldn’t have if I were Nick, mainly because I thought it would be like betraying him.

I wonder if it’s a good thing this.

2 thoughts on “Something odd”

  1. Methinks Lilith got fed up of having a semi-asexual child (me) under her wing and went after you instead. XD

    Feel free to explore that part of you. It’s scary at first, especially if you’ve gone ages while ignoring it, but it can be quite enlightening.

    That side of you probably existed a long time ago anyway – you bought a book on seductresses. You created a whole martial arts system based on prostitution. It was within you; it just needed an avenue.

    Enjoy it, but do take care of yourself at the same time; new-found identities can be often taken advantage of.

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