Okay, so I’ve finally managed to get a friend to be his usual self again, though he’s taking a break from Sages. That’s a good thing, I suppose

The 2nd guy who asked me out, lives not too far away from my house. Apparently he lives about 20-30 minutes away from house.

Okay Ti, here are the details:

Terry-mun has been under a bad mood spell for quite some time now.So I managed to get him alone today and basically bugged him about it, and he told me he had personal problems and what not. Seems like he got over it today, and he was back to teasing for hugs.

Remember the guy we met at the Hitz Birthday Bash? He asked me out over AIM. He’s the guy in para 2. Heh.

Oh, and you should have seen the reaction Palmer and Zhilbar-mun had to that. *Grin* Priceless. ^_^

Silly Pat signing off.

EDIT: The references are for TI!!

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  1. lives near your area? jeeze… and since you met that person at the party, how did he find out where you live?…. you better be careful, could be some pervert stalker.

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