Interesting tidbits

1. The Four Rivers mentioned in the Genesis, as in the first book to the location of the Garden of Eden, is Pishon, Eupharates, Gihon and the Tigris. These rivers also appeared in the book of Sirach (Apocrypha books, not available in Protestant bibles unless it says so on the cover) with the Nile and the Jordan being added. Coincidence?

2. Viv honey, he was a guy that I could never remember his name till he got onto AIM. Makes me laugh (you and Ti both know my criteria for guys) but bad point… Smoker. Eep.

3. They’re registering pre-paid users to prevent abuse. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

4. Me be lazy to write more. Meh.

2 thoughts on “Interesting tidbits”

  1. #3 is a dumbass idea really. Whats there to stop people from lying on the registration form?

    I for one urge everyone to lie on the registration form and teach the moron the came up with the idea what “Futile Exercise” means.

    And let us all remember, all the terrorists in 9/11 had VALID paperwork.

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