Okay… Thinking a LITTLE bit more clearly

*Begins ranting mode*

Registering PRE-PAID CARD USERS? Huh? Right…. Another one of those ideas that the so-called leaders of our nation has decided that we should do in order to safeguard the country. They’re afraid of terrorist attacks.

According to Gerakan President Dr. Lim Keng Yaik (I think) cellphones can be used to detonate bombs remotely. Now, I have three questions for our Esteemed leaders.

1. Is that true? Can we have examples instead of rhetorics please?

2. How can the phones can be used to detonate bombs? EXACT SPECS please.

3. What does having a prepaid card/postpaid line have to do with that?

I’d appreciate it if the Leaders, people in power, idiots people up there can give me a few better answers rather than vague and generic ones.

Thank you for your time.

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