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True Story. A religion teacher assigned her class an essay on what makes a good Christian. One student wrote about praying nightly, say no to abortion, banning gay marriage, and donating money. The other student wrote about talking to God and allowing people to enjoy their lives, and supporting gay marriage. The day the teacher was to hand the papers back, she called up the second student and told him she would pray for him when he went to hell. The student asked why would he be going to hell, and why he got an F on his paper. The teacher told him that Catholism is against gay marriage. The student looked at her for a minute, then said aloud, “I’m gay.” The teacher kicked him out of class as if he had said fuck or worshiped Satan. A girl in the back of class who had a boyfriend and was obviously straight got up and left too.

If you would leave the classroom, repost this. It doesn’t matter if you’re straight, bi, or gay. It doesn’t matter if you’re catholic or not. Everyone is a human being and deserves happiness.

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  1. this post reminds me of a post which i did many moons ago, which was called Freedom:The Lie Within. although i share the same faith as the writer, i personally believe that one would need to stand up for what he or she believes in, even though it breaks the very basis of all that we human thing is morally correct.

    Not accepting this people is a sign that we humans fear the evolutionary change that comes with the passing and the coming of time.

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