Some little thoughts

There are two guys in my life right now that are actively courting me. I will admit it here that I do like one guy more than I like the other, but whether that liking is going to turn into another love is another matter.

What I’m most concerned right now is the fact that I’m on the rebound. Am I over Nick? I don’t know. Do I really want to embark on a relationship carrying baggage from my previous relationship? I don’t think so. No repeats of the past again as well.

This song came to mind on Saturday while I was thinking about it:

What part of no don’t you understand
(Understand understand),
I want a man not a boy who thinks he can,
Boy who thinks he can!

Thing is, I’m pretty sure that one of the guys who reads this blog knows what I’m talking about. And yes, I consider him a man. Now the other is another matter.

Bleh. Am upping my criteria a bit.

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