What constitutes a Geek to me :p (Yes, I’m bored)

1. Wear glasses. Or have some sort of sight impediment that came about from either reading too much or looking at the computer screen. (Easiest sign of geekiness)

2. When someone says silicon, your first thoughts have nothing to do with the female anatomy.

3. You’ve used a Mac and you loved it. Or:

3a. You know and love Linus Torvald.

3b. You swear by Firefox.

4. You’re familiar with the following names; Isaac Asimov, Marion Zimmer Bradley, David and Leigh Eddings, Tom Clancy, etc.

4a. When people say that fantasy and sci-fi books should be shelved together you get the urge to smack them.

4b. You know RA Salvatore.

5. In relation to 4, you have read at least 2 books on coding (computer languages only, doesn’t matter whether it’s C++ or HTML, Java or whatever) and understood at least 75% of the books combined.

6. You have played any 3 RPG games (bonus points if it’s Final Fantasy) to it’s ending at least THRICE.

7. No connection makes you a druggie.

8. You’d die without computers.

9. You look as though you should have spent more time outdoors rather than indoors.

10. You understand jargon.

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