One of my few crappy days

Today was not really a good day. Spent the whole morning in the editing lab doing video capturing, and finished my lecture commentary quite late, entering PR late.

Then before the class ended, Bong came in to ‘tell us’ about the Kancil awards. He barged in, no apologies to Vaneetha or the person who was speaking. I suspect that it was the lovely two females in the back who suggested it to him. Then when he talked he was quite loud and booming.

After that I rushed around like a madwoman trying to finish off the lecture commentaries, only to find out that the photocopier was out, so I ended up scanning and printing the cover sheet instead. Saved about 50 cents. :p

Then I went to class to find out that she was on leave. *Makes a face*

Was angry, ranted off in SMS to a friend who called back, made me blush (you know who you are, and THANK YOU for listening to me rant!), did a bit of editing… By the time we were through with the first few edits, I was feeling much more in control. Perhaps when the geek is in the element, she gets things done and feels much better about it. ^_^

But I stayed in a skirt longer than I wanted to. I ended up coming home to drive my brother to the phone shop, picking up my mom and then accompanying her to the doctor’s before heading off to the night market. Came home at about nine, took a nice bath, had dinner, and then updated. Whee!!

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