Meme… From Serge

20 years Ago ,1985

One year old child, my first memory was of getting my granma to put my shoes on so that I could catch my elder cousin sister. When they told me that she was going to school and that I couldn’t play with her, I burst into tears. My grandfather took the photo. I have it in my room… Somewhere.

10 years Ago ,1995
I was in Standard 5, was about 11 years old and was quite happy to be in the so-called best class. Was adjusting pretty well to puberty and was worried about not being able to enter the secondary school I wanted.

5 years Ago, 2000
Hmm… Was transferred to a new school because my dad didn’t like my then boyfriend. Broke up with him in November, and was elected the Beauty Queen of the New School with the Class Clown. Interestingly, was also the year I hugged a guy not my relative nor boyfriend. The guy later became my BF anyways.

3 years Ago, 2002
In college, just finished Foundation, and started writing on Then BF came back from NZ and was happy. Lived with grandma at this time to take care of her.

1 year ago, 2004
Followed college’s move to Cyberjaya. Hated it. Took part in the first MI auditions, didn’t make it but had lots of fun. Met Tiara through Dennis.

This year, 2005
Broke up with BF after 4 years together, took up Role-Playing, finished off that GC and FTV Module, being pursued by 2 guys, really hung out with Ti, enjoyed her company, and got teased for forgetting people’s name.

Next year, 2006
Graduate, get a job, try not to screw my life and friendships up, and keep the relationship going.

10 years from now, 2015
Have a happy life, publish at least one fictional book, and be surrounded with friends and family with NO DEBTS.

Take this?