According to the notice I saw at the Cafeteria Cashiers, they are no longer accepting RM1 coins because to exchange them would incur a loss for Finance.


The Government says that the coins are legal tender until the 7th of December. Failure to accept the coins BEFORE this date is considered illegal and they will be fined.

Damnit, must talk to Faridah and see how I can break this story.

2 thoughts on “WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT?”

  1. Trust me, i’ve looked. The law guarentees that currency is good for the settlement of debt, but it does not compel a merchant to trade.

    There is a diffrence here. Lets say that you’ve already taken the food and eaten it and after the meal you settle the bill with RM 1 coins. In this case they must accept, because you are settling a debt with legal tender.

    But if you haven’t recieved the food, they are within their rights to refuse to sell it to you if they decide that they don’t want to take your money.

    Really this isn’t LKW’s fault, it’s the goverments. There are good reasons why currencies like the US dollar, NEVER stops being legal tender, no matter how old. This is one of them.

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