Working part 2

Things I discovered:

1. I realise why parents hate Play-Doh.

2. McDonald’s a laxative.

3. Money is ALWAYS the good! (Paid in cash. WOOT!)

4. Sitting down after walking about for a long time and it being the first day of the monthlies is NOT good. (Ow…)

5. There’s the really “I-WANT-MY-MONEY’S-WORTH-EVEN-IF-IT’S-ONLY-RM6.50-FOR-THE-WHOLE-THING” kind. And then there’s the “WHY-IS-IT-LIKE-THIS-AND-CAN-I-BRING-THIS-KID-IN-THOUGH-I-KNOW-YOU-DON’T-ALLOW-IT” kind. like doing physical/manual labor. The kind that you move stuff around.

7. In relation to (6), I like working with kids.

8. Apparently I’m not that bitchy even when it’s the monthlies.

9. Picture of me with the company tattoo was taken. Will retrieve from Uncle later.

10. I realise why kids find clowns scary sometimes. In relation to that, there’s just something WRONG when you see a long balloon being blown up.

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