A silly little rant/post/whatever

I was talking to a friend today who took back the AC for a bit to make a few copies (she passing me one later on) and something came up. Why are all the cute guys on the evil side? Okay, I have to admit that I tend to like guys who seem to be too good to be true, but these are people, who, in the end, have a dark side to them. (You know who you are. Both of you, so hush!)

However, that’s not the point of this post. What is the point? There has been a recent trend in the media to make evil “look cool.” We see it everywhere. The villain, though he loses, is always cool. He always looks good, always looks bishie and jaw-dropping, is sometimes angsty, but almost always there’s the aura about him that you like. Or want.

Examples: Sephiroth, Dokugakuji, Sensui, etc. Okay, so most of them are from anime.

Thing is, even if there weren’t, evil seems to be in. It seems to be cool.

And people wonder why morals is going down the drain.


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