Tarot, P2, Formatted

Chapter 1. Your General Compatibility with Each Other

His Sun in Libra and Her Sun in Gemini

You have an excellent mental rapport, and you enjoy one another’s intelligence, wit and style. His Moon in Capricorn and Her Moon in Scorpio

Both of you are quiet and you often don’t express all that you are feeling, but the reasons for this are quite different in each of you. Mercury & Uranus conjunct or hard for Her, soft for Him

Both of you have inspired minds and are always open to new angles, novel or experimental ideas, alternative approaches.

She is more of a radical, however, and is frequently impatient and contrary to anything which impedes change and progress. She feels compelled to wake people up a bit and doesn’t mind startling or even outraging others from time to time. Mars & Jupiter hard for Him, conjunct or soft for Her

Both of you have an abundance of energy along with an enterprising spirit, a love of challenges, and big dreams and the drive to accomplish them. But He is a bit foolhardy and overconfident at times, and may take unnecessary risks, whereas She has a fortuitous sense of timing. She is less likely to encounter problems due to haste, impatience, over-eagerness, and/or not accepting limitations. From her, He could learn to flow rather than to force or try to conquer every obstacle.