Silly meme

Stolen from Serge. Pictures will be up at the beginning of NEXT week, BTW, ppl! I need to get through my assignments first! c:p (Now that’s a silly emoticon!)

I was the girl who chased boys around for calling me plump. Now they chase me.

I was the girl who couldn’t wait to go to school because my cousins were. Now I can’t wait to graduate.

I was the girl who was rejected because I was too forward with my feelings. Now I’m not rejected, but I do feel a little uncomfortable when people do that to me.

I was the girl who hated reading and writing when I was in kindergarten because they forced me to. Now it’s my life’s blood.

I was the girl who let you go because I didn’t want to cage you. I now have a friend I’m proud of.

I was the girl who cried because I was bullied. I now hide it inside.

I was the girl who hated wearing skirts. I still do.

I’m the girl who didn’t like being feminine. I still don’t.

I’m the girl who has not changed nor matured in the past two years. I hope I never will.