Silly pieces

Silly little poetry that proves just why I should never attempt them.

To err is human, to forgive, Divine.
For each broken heart I’d offer mine.

For every heart that’s sincere
There’s more that’re false
But to withold it for fear
Your opportunity will pass.

So open your eyes and reach out your hand
I promise you to catch you, dearest friend.


For every seed sown
For every flower blown
To each I offer a prayer
May you not become bitter.

Whenever you open your eyes
Look through all the lies
Trust in the Hand that’s led you here
The one that holds you dear.

For the human heart may fail
For the spirit may quail
But should you choose resign
That would be a bigger crime.

Choices made, choices undone
Too many have chosen to run
But more have chosen to stay and fight
Finding solace in might.

But might is not all there is
In fact it is the least.
To all my friends, here’s a toast
Thank you for making it through this post.

Silly me.

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