The PG-13 Version of Serge’s Challenge

1. I love Malaysia, but I can’t stand politicians, especially Najib.

2. I do not like Jeff Ooi. He’s not impartial enough.

3. I’m of legal age as of this year, but I still live with my parents and I have no job. Yes, I’m a student.

4. Despite the fact that I can probably tell you basics of a computer, I’m more of an Internet geek.

5. My neopet is a Purple Shoyru named Seruling, after the mother of one of my characters.

6. My Gaian Avatar has a fox tail and ears. I’m realistic enough to know that if I got them in real life, they would interfere with my movements greatly.

7. On the note that I’m a geek, I date geeks. Most of my male companions tend to wear glasses, speak with jargon, or have at least one piece of equipment that just screams, “Geeky!!

Naoko Kensaku

Geminian Rat. Carried by an Aries Bear.

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