There’s a cat’s ears that I want to skritch, but I can’t.


EDIT: The computers in the power station in the Matrix:Reloaded runs on a Windows-based operating system. How else could Trinity have been able to break the password in less then 5 seconds?

Seriously, time it.

1 thought on “Warning: LOVESICK POST”

  1. OMG!! NOooo!!!

    I’m here to revoke your geek card.

    *Snips Naoko’s Geek card in 2*

    HOW HOW HOW can you have missed THE most talked about hack in the History of not only the Matrix, but MOVIEDOM??!!

    Read the following: http://www.securityfocus.com/news/4831

    The port scanner (nMap) exists in real life and the SSH (SSH is a Linux [Unix?] Service) explot is a REAL LIFE explot that was discovered and being fixed at the same time the movie was being made. Which not only means it’s NOT fake, it’s also got a basis on reality.

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