Annoyed as anything

Sometimes I wonder whether my family has their head screwed on right. No, I’m not talking about my parents. Anyone will tell you that they’re not that sane in the first place, especially when you have a daughter like me. The insanity has to come from somewhere, right?

In any case though, that’s beside point. All my life, I used to think that at least some of my relatives were sane. That two of the people I looked up to were capable of rational thought. Or at least put others before themselves, supposedly setting an example for the rest of us… delinquents.

It’s especially sad when religious figures let you down.

To put it simply, most of the elder females in my family are religious fanatics. If they’re not, they’re supersitious. They’re also the ones who, if they find out the real me, who will condemn me to Hell for not following the Church’s teachings blindly.

Any wonder why I don’t tell them about my new guy?

I honestly cannot stand them. They seem to recognize so-called values only when it benefits them. All the other times, they do not seem to acknowledge that it exists. According to them, my mother should be looking after my grandmother because “That’s what daughters-in-law are for,” as in because my mother is Chinese, she’s to look after my grandmother. What annoys me is that in the family hierarchy, there’s another family that’s older and who is supposed to look after her (my grandmother) rather than my mother. But do they admit that?

I can’t wait for that “talk” that my aunt wants to have with me. My brother and me are sick of them using us as weapons against our parents and kowtowing to them.

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