Local politics is intruguing (Edited for Spelling)

Especially when they make you go: WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT?

First off:

Two Barisan MPs are going to be hauled up to the Priviledges Committee for breaking ranks because they supported Lim Kit Siang’s motion to refer Rafidah and the Parliamentary Secretary of the Ministry of Trade and Industry (whose name escapes me now and I can’t be bothered to remember) to the said committee.

I am quite annoyed as not only has the AP issue been brought up enough to make a sane person puke, but it is also quite unneccessary. After all, it is the Minister’s fault for not making an appearance in the first place. Furthermore, this just goes to prove that our so-called representatives are not ALLOWED to work together as it could be perceived as breaking ranks and that they are aiding the Opposition. If it’s for the betterment of the people, WHY THE HECK NOT?

And why are our representatives not allowed to question the Government’s decisions? They say that these “issues” (yes, I’m talking about the Crimean Uni issue) could have been handled behind closed doors. My question is: Would that information had been made available to the public? I think now.

On another note, I want to join the PPP (People’s Progressive Party). Kayveas alone would be one reason for joining. And he has a point. If you want to know what I’m talking about, read today’s News Straits Times.

My question would have been though: Why is the media picking this up only now?

End of update, do not expect to see me online for the rest of the day. To all my AIM friends, Gomen/Sorry about that.

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  1. *Sadly had had to go to sleep!*

    Well, much as I do like to chat with you, Delightful Silly Pat, what Fiz mentioned I had already spoken of with you. Yeah, it aches, but it’s the not getting to speak to you at all (Due to school, BOO for time-consuming school!) that’s been worrisome for me. I am as I have been; regretful, yet dealing with it as best I can, and cheering on both you and Serge from the bench.

    I’ve looked around, and Serge is definitely good people in my book. And of course, all the massy world knows the awesomeness that is the Antic Piglet! You two surely should have happy times together. I may be dealing in “There is no sweeter sorrow than what might have been,” but really? That’s not going to predjudice how I react, at least I try not to let it.

    I do understand where Fiz is coming from, and I know just how he feels. I rather view Fiz’s path as the Road Not Taken, and I hope that he can manage to live with it. You shouldn’t forget these times, but it does gradually get a little better.

    Oh, and Patricia Pinto’s shadow can actually kick people’s asses. 😉

  2. *Laughs*

    Thank you so much for that, Kyle. I miss chatting with you as well, but since this is October, it’s the last month of the year for college, so I’m focusing more on that. I do beg forgiveness for being absent for so long.

  3. No worries, Lady Pinto! Future is important, and all that. You know full well that my days have been rather more busy now as well. But chattery should happen on a vast panoply of… um… things! Yes, that’s it! *May have just wanted to say “panoply*

    In the meantime, I had wanted to speak with you about the whole business of Zhilbar and His archenemy/ex-girlfriend, Tiamat. She may be coming to the Nexus pretty soon, and I was wondering how Naoko would act. Sound like a party yet? 🙂

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