A geeky post!

1. WordPress will not allow me to capitalize even PART of my username. Yes, I know that it’s going to be made into small letters anyway, but can’t I have it capitalize at some parts just so it looks better? In plain English, that was the reason why it would not let me log into it the better part of the morning.

2. I hate Macs. With a passion. The next person who tells me that Macs are good will be shot. With a hunting rifle. At close range.

3. I love Blogspot. Well, blogger actually. So easy to use. Needs more customization though.

4. Review needed of Prince Caspian by CS Lewis. Such a nice read! Will be starting on The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman next. Incidentally, I’ve read Ruby in the Smoke by the same guy. That book was quite the enlightening for a 14-year old.

And now I run to class.

6 thoughts on “A geeky post!”

  1. Ahh…the sweet sounds of Mac hating.

    Why can’t I have your MSN or Yahoo…?

    I can tell you everything straight from the horse’s mouth itself rather than you not getting everything. 🙁

  2. *Is so ded with laughing, she nearly forgot to open Trillian*

    Macs are evil. I cannot….

    Never mind. I’ll post the reson why I don’t like macs in a moment. :p

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