Inspired by Dune

Speech given by the Queen Of Beauty, Aphrodite to the Astral College of Priestly Knowledge and Theology on Breeding Programs: Not just Sperm and Ovum (or whatever your species calls it)

Many think that a breeding programme must not only take a long time, but also incorporate characteristics of the parents, both physical and metaphysical in order to produce the results needed. What is often missing is the element of nurture in the programme, with almost no emphasis given to the nature of the child’s rearing. Nurture must take into accounts all aspects of the child’s rearing after birth and consist of not only physical and mental exercises, but also experiences and social interaction, though the two is often combined.

The longest-running breeding programme with no ‘true’ aim in sight is Celeste’s Alin’sa. They have often been called a ‘society in miniature,’ but very few of you gathered here today really understand the meaning. A little history to put this into perspective would be in order.

Most of the Priestesses today who serve Celeste, the Goddess of Death, are descended from the Huntresses Clans. Though no one knows whether or not they retain the instinctive need to hunt their prey once that prey is within a certain distance, no one can dispute that their immunity to certain skills have been applied outside of the hunt successfully. The Basilisk Huntresses are immune to its’ gaze and other forms of petrifaction, and the Harpies are immune to their screech, and Hard Metal music.

The rarest and most powerful clans, the Sister Clans of the Kamigaya and Mitsutani, are also the Godkillers and the Huntresses of Black Angels. I am sure that most of you are familiar with the revolt led by some of the fallen Gods and Goddesses who rebelled against the Creator and His Son. When His Son was sent to Earth to fulfil His Father’s wishes, many fell into the trap laid by the Diapason Angel, Lucifer.

Seducing them, they began persecuting not only the ones who Chose to follow Him, but also everyone else. It was around this time, when word had spread to the Greeks, that the Mitsutani was born. They were created, these women of unequalled ferocity, to fight against the Black Angels, who were in most cases the unwitting and unwilling instrument of the Diapason Angel and his horde.

Once the Divine Beings would have run from the Black Angels, who were the only ones who could destroy them as mortals, but many of the rebels joined them now. It was that or face annihilation. The Kamigaya clan, which had been few in numbers, suddenly grew. It was not long before their numbers equalled the Mitsutani, and as the former were the only ones who could kill Black Angels, they joined forces.

It is quite interesting to note that it was only after the rebellion that the Kamigaya, which had mainly ‘policed’ the Divine Beings and punished them for their transgressions, were gradually given powers to destroy their prey. Though the Black Angels retained their powers, the Kamigaya were also given the same, but at a much lower intensity and immunity.

Throughout the years, their numbers dwindled (as it should) because the necessity was no longer there. The powers subsequently became more concentrated and at the same time, the daughters were less reluctant to use them. Most of the Huntresses had either married or mated with men of honour, justice, and fairness. Though the girls still had undeniable loyalty to Celeste, they also had their own ideas and perceptions of the said values. Because of their mothers and their own experiences as women, these daughters also had an added quality that made them especially appealing. Compassion.

Compassion is both taught and bred in these girls. Take the example of the Rikan Alexis of the Alin’sa. If you would look at her genealogy from the papers provided, you will see that the men need not be the ones we would like, but they always managed to contribute something. The mating index next to it details the main characteristics of each descent. You will notice that though several bad habits remain, more often then not it is the positive attitudes that influence the child.

This brings me to a misconception that needs to be addressed. It is not enough to simply get the sperm or ovum from a certain mate. The personalities of the parents and the four ancestors before that must be considered as well. If you have complete opposites, it will confuse the child to no end. It would be ineffective and in fact, counterproductive for much time is lost balancing the child. This applies regardless whether the child knows the parents. The child will be faced with identity problems, and most of you know how troublesome it is to correct such a oversight.

At the end of the day, everything must be balanced against the child’s outcome. If you are looking for a specific target, I’m sure the Shade of Achilles can tell you all about it. His birth was foretold by Karma and scared a God into obedience.

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