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Who is, btw, here

When and why did you start your daily reads list?
Just recently, in the past 6 months.

Do you truly visit your daily reads DAILY?
Yes. Mainly because I spend about 5 hours a day in front of the computer if it is not a weekend, and I have nothing better to do when research is done.

Why do you add these people as your daily reads?
Because they’re my friends. They’re people that I know personally, or care about deeply. Blogs to us, aren’t just a way to voice out our opinions, but to keep in touch.

How many people are on your daily reads?
20 plus… But I cheat a little. I use bloglines to keep track of them. :p

Have you deleted people from your daily reads, if so why?
Only Lim Kit Siang. Because I nearly fell asleep reading his blog.

Do you comment on your daily reads DAILY?
Mostly… Yes. Especially if they seem to be feeling sad. What’s wrong with offering hugs?

How often do you modify your daily reads?
Um… Never. :p

Do you link people on your daily reads only because they linked you?
That really depends. Most of the time, I do if they’re close friends or they seem intelligent enough to warrant it.

Does daily reads have special meaning to you?
Yes. Look above.

Are your daily reads mostly female or male?
Not really. It’s who they are.

What do you get from reading your daily reads?
I smile, I laugh, I cry. They mean something to me.

Are you likely to read LONG blog entries from your daily reads?
If I have the time, yes. I like reading long entries. ^_^

Do you expect your daily reads to read your blog everyday in return?
What? No! Considering that half of the things I ramble on about, it’d be a joke if they did.

Who on your daily reads has the coolest name?
Silly Beebs. Mainly because it fits her so well! :p

Who on your daily reads has the coolest layouts?, aka Edrei. I like the way it moves out. However, the simplest layout belongs to Dustyhawk. So easy to navigate. ^_^

Who on your daily reads is most likely to comment in your blog?
Right now? Dusty and Kyle. ^_^

How many people on your daily reads are your friends in “real life”?
About 75% of them.

Who is the most intelligent or insightful person?
So not going there. :p

Who is the least favorite/most annoying person on your daily reads?
Used to be Lim Kit Siang. 🙂

Who is most likely to give you news about the world or internet?– When I bothered to go there.

Have you ever wanted to meet people on your daily reads?
Why are you asking such obvious questions?

Who do you admire the most?
Peter Tan and Yvonne Foong, for the fact that they’re courageous in life.

Who has an attitude problem?
So not going there. ^_^

Who is the funniest?
Hmm… I’ll get back to you on this.

Who is the sweetest?
Vivian and Lin.

Who is the most out-going?

Whom can you trust the most?
Ade, Viv, Lin and Tiara. Don’t ask.

Whom do you know the best?
Dusty, I believe, and maybe a little about Elaine.

Whom do you talk to most online?
When I get them online: Geoff, Kyle, Leo, Viv/Ade and Lin. ^^

Who is the lastest daily reads you added?
Lemme check.

Whose blog do you wish to drool all over on?
*Smiles mysteriously*

Whose blog do you enjoy reading the most?
All, mostly.

You are least likely to comment on which blog(s)?
On something that is obviously very personal or needs a good long reply because of the research needed to answer the question.

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