*Clears throat*


In about two weeks or so (after all the madness that is the college assignments die down) I shall be migrating to wordpress.

Mainly because I’ve seen the size of my blogspot and it scares me. But this blog shall be kept.

Just to warn you guys, in case you were wondering what Geminian Eyes was all about.

Oh, and I’ll give a prize to whoever can guess what Geminian Eyes mean. ^_^ And I mean it.

3 thoughts on “*Clears throat*”

  1. GAH NO! WordPress is a pain in the backside. Already they’ve released 348957234895734 updates within a matter of days because the lst update has a new bug. And it’s a pain to customize too.

    Serge’s banner, for instance, is just the basic one Photoshopped. Try to make art out of it though and you’d be faced with too much PHP-clone codes and too much variables. And the plugins sometimes don’t work just because of the constant security updates.

    TextPattern is simple and sooooooooo much better. It may not have much but it’s SO MUCH BETTER 😛

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