A silly little post about sex

Mainly cause I don’t think that there’s anyone who’s truly suci reading this blog. :p

Sex is one of the most basic instincts any warm-blooded animal might have. If your species has two genders, you move faster than a snail 75% of the time, and you do a double take when you see someone of the opposite gender that is physically attractive from your point of view (in other words, lust), then yes, you’re a warm-blooded animal. Now that we’ve gotten the definitions out of the way, let’s continue, shall we?

Since it forms a major part of our thirst for life, you have to remember this: The need/drive for sex is the highest when we’re in our prime, because that is the best time for our bodies to handle the burden of having children. Yes, I’m talking mainly about females.

The very interesting thing about sex is that while the male may ejaculate in a relatively short period of time, it takes much longer for a proper orgasm. What is an orgasm to a male? That, I have to admit, I have no idea, being a female. (That particular sentence comes from dim memory. I have no idea where I actually picked it up). However, most of you would know that it’s not that easy for a woman to reach orgasm. At least not the mind-blowing ones.

Why am I writing this? Mainly because it’s 7.40pm in the evening and Bee is still trying to kidnap the other flower (Malar) so that we can all go home. Yes, I am bored.

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