I am film student, hear me roar!

Please read this before you comment.

And then tell me whether it makes sense.

Ask anyone involved in film and they’ll tell you that Malaysia cannot support the local film industry. According to the esteemeed minister, he says that out of 15 films, only one is local. Before we talk about the extreme lopsidedness of it, let me point out the reason why local films do not make it in Malaysia. Not from the fact that it is being produced, but why if you show a local film, producers cannot survive. That’s why we import foreign films in the first place.

1. Censorship. This is such an old thing that I refuse to write anything more about it. If you guys insist though, I will. But later.

2. The locally produced movies, with the exception of Sepet tend to be these kinds of Malay sappy love stories that do not make any chronological sense.

3. The ones that do make sense, often do not find enough viewers here to warrant more than a 2 week showing (Sepet was lucky, it got one month, I think). Mainly because the Malaysian public don’t watch locally produced movies.

4. I have no idea what I’m rambling about. Oh, maybe they should do this: They should force these idiots to watch the local films and then decide whether to impose a levy. Most local films are substandard, and it will take me a lot to watch them.