I have an acquaintance who pisses me off.


He makes comments that just piss me off. I mean, what is wrong if a woman’s on the phone everyday? If you think she has a BF, why not ask her to her face? Why talk behind her back? I also find it very hard to sympathize with the fact that your groupmates find you troublesome. And I normally sympathize with the person I’m speaking to.

And what’s wrong with being sarcastic? I’m sorry if you don’t like it, but I happen to like sarcasm. And if you have a problem with female drivers, don’t follow Ah Bee’s car la then! No one’s really forcing you to. Why are you complaining when she’s made it clear from the beginning?


5 thoughts on “Annoyed”

  1. I think that he knows I blog, but I don’t think he reads this. He’s one of those Friendster types.

    Either way, doesn’t matter. Anything I put here is generally meant for the world to see, and are opinions that I want others to see and comment, if they want to. The private ones are somewhere else, since Blogger doesn’t really allow password-protected posts.

  2. Ok then.

    Yeah, I know that pretty well, but where do I password-protect my posts if not blogspot? (LJ of course is out of the question.) There are some things that I might that could rile up some feathers. blogspot-cut?

  3. Meh… No such thing on Blogger. I use another client. That one’s under Beta-testing though, and it’s by invite only. I got one from a friend, but I don’t have an invite. Sorry.

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