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For guys. Highlight to read if the bkrg is white. Bear in mind that I’m trying to expunge most of the trivia I collected when I was about 10-15 years old, so please keep an open mind while you’re reading, ya? Oh, and did I mention that this was trivia that I collected? So if my facts are off, tell me where and when. Girls, comment if you think that I messed up a fact or something. BTW, for some people, this may be considered “dirty,” so I would really recommend you NOT to read this till AFTER Ramadhan. I do not want to be accused of corrupting more than I already have. ^_^


The period, also known as the post-ovulation period for a female, is one that most females fear, and with good reason. Most guys know that a period’s basically the body expunging blood after ovulation, but do you know why?

During ovulation, the female body prepares itself for the baby by lining the uterus with a thick layer of blood vessels that are disposed if fertilization does not occur during ovulation. This is the reason for the blood.

And now we go into the reason why periods are evil and why women complain of soreness and pain.

1. We’re discharging BLOOD.

2. Blood clots. Unfortunately, for some of us, the blood vessels from the previous month was not discharged fully, so when the new one forms under it and is then discharged, the pain can be excruiating, to say the least.

3. Due to 2, the level of pain and discomfort felt by women may vary. That’s why some females are absolute b****es at this time, while others have a shorter temper.

4. Hot water helps. Anything to relax the muscles. Unfortunately, most of us work in a cold environment. Any wonder why we hate air-cons?

5. Bleh.

Thank you for reading. ^_^

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