Note(s) to Self

1. Never, EVER insult the religion. *Headdesks, followed by sound of glass breaking* I can’t believe that I forgot that cardinal rule. I be dork. Forgetting my own rule… *headdesks again*

2. When in doubt, NEVER EVER leave the footage capturing to the next day. At least not when you have the opportunity to finish everything in one day.

3. Being politically correct can make all the difference, no matter how silly it may sound.

4. You cannot be friends with EVERYone.

5. Being bitchy once in a while is alright, but biting heads off is too much.

6. Being hormonal is not an excuse.

7. Being stupid is.

8. Kicking a football is NOT a phallic excerise. ‘Sides you might scare someone off.

9. Did I mention that being tired and hormonal is not an excuse?

10. Your timing and words suck. And to think that you just about managed to get him to be civilized to you too.

1 thought on “Note(s) to Self”

  1. “Kicking a football is NOT a phallic excerise.”

    What about cutting off someone’s head and kicking it down the street like a football?

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