Search tips

One of the biggest problems we have in facing the Internet is the sheer amount of information that’s available. Sometimes when you’re searching, Google, Wikipedia and even The WayBack Machine don’t seem to turn up any results. In these cases, it’s always important to remember to try a different approach.

The reason I’m bringing this up is because I’ve seen two requests for song translations in the past five days. It could be that I just have too much time or energy to focus on something like this, but I’d like to point out that when the accurate word search fail, look for associations.

Basically, read through the search results you get. Find out the common theme binding them together and see if you can trace them back. For instance, a search on Siam Shade’s Time’s turned up the Romaji translation, but nothing else. A search of the Album name though (provided by Anime Lyrics) turned up more. A little bit of tweaking the Google searches brought up a site with the album lyrics. Click on link, and VOILA! You have the translation to said song.

If anyone wants to know, yes, that is the main reason why I cannot find my links and articles that I read anymore. Basically when I do research, I used to always read them online, quote them in said article, and then completely forget to get the URL before heading home. When I checked in next, said website was lost in cyberspace.

Now I simply print them out and do the linking the hard way… If I use them at all.

Yes, I’m procrastinating. And yes, I have two news pieces that need to be written. And yes, I have an unfinished PR report. And yes…I’m going clinically insane.