Absolute hate.

I hate a certain person.

At this point in time I would gleefully slap her face and bitch at her.

But it’s my fault as well for not fighting with her for the use of the original edited footage. I was there on Friday, and I didn’t tell her that HER editing sucked. I tried to show her what we did, but she refused to view it, saying that the rendering would take too long.

Pardon me for cursing profusely through this entry.


The work was already done. The only thing that needed to be done was the lighting. Which TWO OF US would have been happy to show you. All of us had our own jobs. Yours was director. But you chose NOT to appear for those two days of editing, and then WALTZ in on the fourth and LAST day of editing, and tell us that you DON’T LIKE OUR WORK? WHERE WERE YOU ANYWAY?

Yes, I do realise that it was my fault for not being there when you were editing, but that was because I thought that you were viewing what we had done and that you wanted the music for later. I thought you would have gotten the girls earlier.

WORSE OF ALL, I EXPECTED YOU TO BE A TEAM PLAYER. Which you obviously weren’t, considering how you ran roughshod over us.

If you had issues with us editing, let us know! We were there in the editing room, and you were not.

YOU WERE NOT. Do not pretend to say or do anything different, you were not.

And if it were true that you were incapacited on Wednesday, couldn’t you have called us when you woke up or left us a message? Honestly, the fact that you told us ONLY when you came to college just made some of us worried that you were in an accident or something.

Honestly, at this point in time, I don’t really care about the project anymore. But I will NOT FAIL THIS SUBJECT BECAUSE OF YOU.  I WILL DO MY DAMNDEST TO ENSURE THAT. 

Bitch. And no, I do not use that word lightly.