So for those who didn’t know, we were shooting at Amanda’s place yesterday. Shooting went well, and for the first time, though this was our longest shoot ever, there was not one minute that was wasted. Well, unless you count the numerous times we reshot a scene just to make sure that we would have enough footage to play around in editing.

The script involved someone dying, and in our real life case, someone escaped Death thanks to her mother’s chair. Her dining table and chairs were wooden.

Okay, here’s what happened.

Our tutor suggested that we make our own lighting since most of us had problems with inconsistent lighting throughout our film. So that’s what I did on Saturday.

On Monday, as we were about to shoot, Amanda and me decided to test out the light again, and it started flickering. Worried, I reached down to switch th power of, and Amanda began to put the light down.

Then the wire came loose and scratched her hand.

Amanda fell back and grabbed the chair. That probably saved her life, as it negated any electricity running through her body.

I’m going back to the store to return everything and ask for a full refund. Considering the severity of the case, what else should I ask for?