Inspired by Fazri’s post and my lecturer, Faridah Hameed.

Some complain that all these companies want people with experience, and when they don’t have it, they’re not hired. They can’t see how they can get the experience they need until someone hires them. Faridah, during her last lecture with us, pointed out something that most of us don’t seem to realise until it’s been pointed out. In retrospect, it seems selfish for most of us not to think of it.


Think about it. Most NGOs are always looking for volunteers to give their time. For many, this would be the best way to gain experience. Life in the NGO lane may not be as fast-paced or well-paid as the corporate side, but in many ways it is simply the slightly slower version of the corporate lane. You still have to finish things on time, your talents are put to better use, and they tend to be more relaxed. (I think you just repeated yourself there- Angie. Oh hush!- Me).

Joining or volunteering accomplishes two goals.

  1. You get the experience you need. Isn’t that what this is all about? Plus, you should work for something you’re passionate about. It shows.
  2. It paints you as having a life outside your career and beefs up your resume. C’mon people! Regardless of what your parents say, your company DOES NOT WANT a souless employee. They want a souless employee that’s an all-rounder. In the event that there are two identical grads, one with excellent academia results but few experiences outside his work, and the other with less-than-stellar results but who seems to be more proactive, who do you think will get the job?

Money should not be the aim all the time. In the end, what matters is the human being. Would you really want to spend most of your life working?

For me, that answer would be YES. Because I want to be in the writing field, and I want to be passionate about it. NEVER FORGET. If you’re passionate about it, your job will be less than a strenous duty and more of an extension of yourself that while you can do without in a pinch, it won’t be a burden to you. And passion is one of the few things that you can pass down to your children. If they see you loving it, they will love it as well. Or at the very least, they’ll learn to love something just as much as how you loved your passion.

And I do not mean romantic passion.

*Looks back at her post* Oops. I think I disgressed a little too much. *Blush* 


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