Using Godfather’s compy

This is me typing on my godfather’s laptop. It’s an IBM thinkpad that is apparently designed for Windows XP, but it reminds me a lot about his earlier laptop.

Nanowrimo: 10k words. I really doubt that I can hit more than 30k this year. Waa!!!!!

On another note, thank you guys for the comments about my pic. This does not mean that I’m going to put more up. I’m paranoid like that. :p

4 thoughts on “Using Godfather’s compy”

  1. Yea, curse Real Life! Curse it to the fourth generation on it’s daughter’s side, and on it’s son’s, the tenth!

  2. …Dagnabbit, I know far better than to put an apostrophe in ‘its’ unless it’s a contraction of “It is.”


  3. helo there…..yeah this is my first comment to ur blog…
    felt like droping a line….nth much to say about ur post….hope u dont mind…good to see ur doing well…aside from the fact that…ur overworked down in MPH….hang in there dear ull beable to hit the 30k mark… i know u will….

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