Found this one on Sashi’s blog. Now, here’s my two cents on it.

On one side, I can see why these people are alarmed. Here, according to the paper, you have this guy dispensing information, so to speak, on the best places to get drugs, why he gets drugs, and what kind of drugs (at least I think for the second two, I haven’t read his blog).

On the other, you have the Metro Ahad (which should tip you off if you’re a Malaysian. Any paper with the word Metro in the title tend to be a bit of community newspaper in a very tabloid-ish manner. Did I mention the many ads in it?) which looks like it’s trying to be a responsible newspaper, but for some reason, it looks like it’s failed.

The article seems to be painted, with long, broad strokes, of stereotypical-ness. According to it, people who were curious to try drugs will now try it, since such information has been made available to them. Oddly enough, for me at least, the more I read about these things, the more I get turned off by it. It seems not worth getting into a habit that’ll cost me hundreds of ringgit for a two minute high (or more or less).

The way the article was written though, more or less guarantees that people will want to go to that site and check it out for themselves. Way too much information was published, information that could have been kept until a further time when the authorities would like to clamp down on blogs.

The sad thing is, Malaysia has a policy of not policing the Internet. This is one instance where I agree that this was too much (the poster and information posted on his blog). However, might I also point out that they could have written it better? I suppose though, that to the tabloids, handling anything in a mature and adult manner without painting people in a stereotypical light is asking for too much.

My problem ain’t with the content. It’s the way of writing and the words used that irk me.