Christmas presents list

1. Vivian and Tiara, I found the loveliest Faery organizer and calendar. Will post the links later when I get them from work, but who wants which one? I can afford both, but you’ll have to choose.

2. Kyle, will this be acceptable? It was the book I was telling you about.

3. Bee-chan! I’m giving you a calendar. Found one on daily psalms. Failing that, do you want a Fruits Basket or Yuyu Hakusho calendar? BTW, Have got job opportunity for you. Dad asking whether you interested.

4. Sam.. Uh… No idea yet. Heh. *Sweatdrop*

5. Phil and Barb… uh… same thing.

6. Um.. Leo? One book of Megatokyo?

7. Um… to the others… Who did I forget? *Rubs hand back of head sheepishly*

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Comments (4)

  • Awww…Pat…thanks…LOL…
    I was just thinking about fairies just now. Can’t wait to see how they look like! ^^

  • Lord Zhilbar

    Yes, yes indeed!

    …But only if you buy it, have it with you, write a cheesy-fun inscription on the inside cover, randomly kiss Serge, THEN send it to me from Malaysia. In that order.

    On that note, what would YOU like from the States?

  • AWH. (sorry no exclamation mark key)

    I think I?d have more use for an orgnizer. XD thank you.

    Anything I can get you?