After a long time, I finally went back to Friendster, updated my profiles (not too many), and added the RSS link to my blog to it.

That’s what I did.

As I sit here, looking at the screen in front of me, my fingers move while my ears listen to the song that is the piano solo version of Scarlet from Ayashi! No Ceres. For some reason, I’m reminded of my grandfather, and I know why.

Someone said that my grandfather had loved dancing and that his progeny had inherited their love of music from him. That makes sense. Most of us, have, at one point or another, dabbled in music, but our grandmother’s sense of practicality reasserted itself (or our parents were more persuasive) and we have chosen careers that have, for the most part, guaranteed our income rather than what we would have preferred doing.

It’s kind of odd to listen to myself humming, singing softly, and acting in ways that would have had strangers look at me as though I was insane (which you really are- Sukina) but I feel as though if music was gone, so would I.

That said, perhaps I should explain the concept of dance according to me, taken from one of my stories. (aka me trying to make sense). It’s from a teacher to a student.

Dance is an expression of emotions. When you dance, especially if you dance for no one’s comfort but your own, it becomes your true expression. When you dance for the Gods in front of others, you are making a public offering, and thus is it only expected that part of your dance becomes ritualised. When you dance for yourself though, it is there that you see the most difference.

We have many ways to see the real you, and dance is one of them. It is how you dance when you’re alone, what you think, that is what you truly are. Those who dance before others and say that they’re dancing with themselves are lying. They are deluding no one but themselves. If you are aware of even one person watching you, then it is ruined. Dance only for yourself, little one. Begin your steps with no one but yourself around, and when you invite them in, they will be bewitched. 

Diamante Illasandro,

Dancing instructer to the Rose Academy, Er Mei Style.