Copied straight from my Sages reply because I don’t want to post it again.

I just got off the phone with a friend I have not seen in ages, was about to shower, and then they called me to the hall with this, “I’m your parent so don’t argue with me face” and then proceeded to give me a lecture on talking in my room when I’m on the phone and bathing at midnight. They will also not allow to talk to my friends when I’m online, with my dad hypocritically (sp?) saying that he didn’t buy the computers for us to socialise.

So he can use his laptop to try and pick up younger women over IRC and I can’t use it to talk to my friends? Now he wants us to put our handphones on the table by 11pm if it happens again. WTF?

Any wonder now why I don’t want to have kids? My parents only want to play parents when it suits them. For them, it means now since they have all the power they want and none of the responsibility. HECK, they left the task of raising me and my brother to someone else, and then later they want to complain that they don’t trust our morals. HAH! They said it because my brother and me were not the meek little children who looked up to them foolishly only to have all our dreams and attempts to building a bridge with our parents failed and we retaliated.

Perhaps I am childish about it. But then again, how can I be any other, when they refuse to act like adults?

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