Sugar High Muses, Pt2

This is part two. For the heck of it.

The clock went by slowly. The blond young woman closed her eyes, letting the spirits wash over her. As they did, leaving a cold sensation on her body as though someone was dragging a cold, but dry silken cloth over her body, she posed the question to them. She could feel the spirits arguing over the answer, and suddenly they fell silent. The oracle was silent.

She did not panic. Unlike some of the other candidates, she had waited for this moment for a very long time. The silencing of the voices was a welcome respite, and she observed the customers in front of her. The wrong answer would guarantee to be the last she would give them. The right (which meant the answer that they wanted to hear) would bring her untold riches.

A riddle was what she would give them, since it was the oracle’s wish not to tell her what they knew. She would most likely be thrown out and forced to fend for herself, but she had not made it this far without her own resources. Still… It was a risk, and she prodded the Oracles just a little to see if they were going to say anything.

They did not.

She told them the truth, that the Oracle did not want to tell them anything. And that annoyed them. They began shouting at her, telling her that she should do what she was paid to do, and that she had better do so, or her head would roll. She looked up at them with a very serene look in her eyes, taking the teachers who were acting like customers, aback. She could not have known that with that serene look, she looked exactly like her mother who they had taught fifteen years ago. Of course she did not know that.

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