Of idiots

Today was not really an eventful day. It consisted mainly of me, for about forty minutes, running up and down the store to look for a place to stash our new Globes. We have some very spiffy ones now. In addition to the usual “Put it in an electrical socket and watch teh Globe Light Up/ Levitate,” we also had a Disco Ball Globe Wannabe and a see through Globe that costs about RM700 plus. (I am not kidding!)

The day was marred mainly by this customer who wanted us to jacket wrap two books. One was thin, the other was not, and she didn’t like how one of the books were wrapped, so she forced us to redo it. I’m not mad at the fact that she was unsatisfied with the quality. I was annoyed at her rudeness. You may be annoyed, yes, but you did not have to teach us our job. Once is enough. You do not have to repeat.


BTW, dear, remember that you said that you were the ****** Master? That’s the password, capitalized. ^_^