Alright for those who don’t know what Comic Fiesta is (which would be quite a lot if you’re not into the anime scene), here’s a brief description: The objective of Comic Fiesta is to set a model to encourage more comics, animation and gaming (ACG) fans to gather and exchange ideas, and to expose this hobby to the Malaysian public. This is also to encourage other similar events to be held in Malaysia.

The influence and popularity of ACG as of now is growing rapidly in Malaysia. Meanwhile it has been very popular among other Asian countries, not to mention the Western countries such as the USA as well. By having conventions like this, we are able to interact with fans and expand the fan community.

Comic Fiesta is the first fan-based convention in Malaysia. Before the first Comic Fiesta was held in December 2002, there were similar local conventions – however their main objective was to boost sales, while our main purpose is to gather fans, interact with each other and to introduce to them other elements in the category such as doujinshi (amateur comics, usually parodies of existing works) and other fan works.

Taken from the Comic Fiesta “About” Page.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s go to the updates, shall we? *Grins*

I dragged my brother along for the ride to Sri Sedaya School for the CF. He didn’t want to follow, and I didn’t really want him there, but I needed a navigator and my brother was given two choices; either he followed me or he followed my parents to Klang. Considering that right now, my brother and me do not like my mother’s side, you could guess which one he picked.

At first he did not want to follow me into the Hall, but then I said that I would pay for his ticket. So he did. And then later I got back about a fourth of the money back, because he did part of his Christms shopping there. ^_^ It was payback.

Among the people we meet there were:

Hisashi Glay, my friend whom I’ve known from primary school. (Gods, that was so long ago!)

Saizer, aka Nicol, aka one of the most bubbly persons I know. If you think I have energy, you haven’t met Saizer yet. ^_^

Leo, my Kojishiza. Syaoran’s costume was quite… interesting. 🙂

And piccies!!! Piccies are the most important, no? 🙂 Here are a few till I reinstall Photoshop. Forgive the quality. Using camphone.


I never thought that anyone would cosplay her. This is Yui, a maiden of Seiryuu from the anime: Fushigi Yuugi. (I think that’s how you spell it).


This is a random girl I took while I was waiting for the doors to open. She was quite pretty, it’s a shame you can’t see her very well.


See my bro shop. :p

The doujin I bought ^_^

When I saw this I thought: OMG! CELESTE!

Cloud, Tifa and Aerith

The FF Cosplayers came out with this really funny skit: Aerith and Tifa fighting over Cloud. It was hilarious! Poor Cloud. Not. ^_^

More to come later, I promise.

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